My In-depth 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

Can PRAYERS Help You Manifest Everything That You Want? Let’s Find Out In This Review

If you are out of hope because Law of Attraction didn’t work as you expected, then you should not miss this 7 Day Prayer Miracle review.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, an American developmental biologist, has come up with scientific proof that shows positive thinking doesn’t work because its done with the conscious part of the mind.

According to him, the Conscious mind isn’t what running our lives. What runs our life is the sub-conscious mind.

Get Into Theta State With Prayers

It is a subconscious mind that sends 95-99% of the thoughts that we receive every day. A subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind as an information processor.

For example, if you consciously think, you need more money and start visualizing a big bank account, similar to what ‘Law of Attraction,’ and ‘The Secret’ asked you to do, but if there’s a belief in your subconscious mind that you can’t become rich then, it doesn’t matter how much you think positive and how long you visualize, you will never get them.

So, what’s the best way to manifest your desires?

Removing these limiting or negative beliefs from the subconscious mind holds the key to manifest your desires.

By putting your mind into THETA STATE, you will not only able to remove these limiting blocks from your subconscious mind, but you put yourself into higher vibration where you will attract good things in your life.

Although, you can use binaural beats, affirmations, and the guided meditations to get into the Theta state, but all these will be temporarily. Once they are over, you will back to your original state.

The good news is,

There is a way that not only put you in theta state quickly but also helps you stay there.

Dr. Bruce and many other spiritual leaders think PRAYERS is the best way to get into the Theta state.

If you search online, then you will not find many sites that give you spiritual and scientifically proven prayers that you can use to manifest anything that you want.

Yes, the researchers of Queensland Brain Institute found in a study that people who prayed for seven days entered into theta state even faster than monks.

Thankfully, The 7 Day Prayer Miracle by Amanda Ross is the only program that I know where you can get 4-sentence prayer to solve all your worries and open the door of unlimited abundance in your life.

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This is review website. If you want to download this program and want to try this 4-sentence prayer to manifest even your deepest desire then click the button below.

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Let’s start this review by looking what you’ll get inside The 7 Day Prayer Miracle program.

What You’ll Find Inside The 7 Day Prater Miracle Members’ Area:

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Are you wondering what you’ll get inside this program? Don’t worry, I got you covered. When you complete your payment process, you will get into the secret members’ area where you’ll find:

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Main Manual: This book contains 3000 words of wisdom to teach you to pray like Prophet Daniel did to raise from slavery to co-ruling the city. This book includes prayers that will connect you with the spiritual world, The God and its angels. These prayers will solve all your worries and bring abundance in your life.

7 Day Prayer Journal: This prayer journal contains seven prayers for seven days. The purpose of these prayers is to help you live happily and connect you with heaven.

[Bonus] Divine Hearing: This book will teach you how to recognize messages that angels are sending to you. Angels are with you since your birth. They know a lot about your personality and destiny. By understanding these messages you will able to solve all your worldly problems and make better decisions in your life.

[Bonus] A Song Of Shifts: This is the bonus audio tracks that designed in the frequency that will help your mind to enter into Theta state quickly.

[Bonus] Divine Numbers: Some numbers have a special connection with our personality that is why we often see the same pattern of number again and again in our life. This book helps you to understand what are your special numbers and what message they have for you. By decoding these numbers you will learn about life secrets that will shock you.

What Is The Amanda’s 7 Day Prayer Miracle All About?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is an excellent program that teaches people how to get into theta state quickly with the help of spiritual and scientifically proven prayers. The main focus of this program is to show you how Prophet Daniel changed the lives of his city through prayers.

This program gives out a 4-sentence prayer that you can use to solve your all worries and bring abundance in your life.

According to me, Prayers are the missing link that stops the law of attraction from working. Because prayers can remove limiting blocks from the subconscious mind and help you stay in theta state to attract positive things in your life.

Prayers provided in this book covers health, relationship, and wealth, but the main areas covered in this program are spirituality, abundance, and manifestation.

Take a look at the following graph that shows how manifestation can help in your life.

The Power Of Prayers Graph

Free Prayer Miracle Video

Is There Any Scientific Proof That Prayers Help?

When someone ask us about prayer, we all can point to scripture and personal experiences of either friends, families or ourselves to prove the power of prayer.

This got me thinking… Why a significant amount of the population criticize people for praying when it seems so effective?

Prayer WorksI start researching to find out if there is any scientific research that been conducted on prayer and health? Is there any connection?

What I found is, although science is not able to prove the existence of God but scientific research DOES PROVE prayer works.

Prayers, much like meditation in Buddhism, and concentration on breathing techniques in Yoga, is about focusing on a singular focal point that aligns mind, soul, and other physical aspects of the body that lowers cortisol level, improves utilization of oxygen, and brings other numerous psychological benefits.

Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. and the lecturer at Harvard says in a study on prayer, “The Prayer Group had statistically scientifically improvements in outcomes.”

Additionally, researchers at the Heritage Foundation said, “We have a logical reason why prayer influence physical health, through enhancing social support, influencing health behaviors, and improving physical health.”

So, at least this proves that prayer is beneficial.


Do you want to know the benefits you will get from this program?

Inner Peace: Our lives are full of stressful situations. So having internal peace is impossible if you don’t pray every day. It doesn’t matter how many worldly objectives you will achieve in your life, if you don’t have inner peace, then you will not live happily forever. Prayers are a best and most effective way to achieve inner peace so, don’t miss it out.

4-Sentence Prayer: Amanda has shared the 4-sentence prayer that helped her to recover from the stack of worries to winning the lottery. It doesn’t matter what you want, and you can achieve everything if you include prayers your daily routine.

Money-Back Guarantee: It is not practical to think everything will work for everyone, especially when it comes to spirituality. If things don’t work out for you, then you can get your full money back.

How Can 7 Day Prayer Miracle Change Your Life?

Start PrayingThis 7 Day Prayer Miracle contains a four-sentence prayer that transformed the lives of 135,000+ people and helped them bring miracles in their health, relationships, and career.

You will learn the method to connect with Archangel Michael that brings happiness and abundance in your life.

You will get prayers to manifest fairy tale romances. It will help you to select the perfect soul mate of your dreams.

It will bring changes to your life. It will increase your wisdom, and you will move to the next level in your life.

Most important of all, you will experience positive and irreversible changes in your life. There will be no place for negative thoughts in your life.

Get 7 Day Prayer Miracle


3 Qualities That Make 7 Day Prayer Miracle Different Than Others:

Created With Proper Skills:

spiritual abundanceThe reason why this program has lots of successful testimonials is that it has a deep, spiritual understanding behind it.

By using these prayers, you will find yourself moving from ‘lack’ to ‘abundance’ and this not limited only to physical abundance. You will get a complete spiritual abundance of unconditional love, fearless confidence, and complete responsibility. Everything is laid out in this program, and all you have to do is just walk the path.

The great thing is, 7 Day Prayer Miracle is not only about health, relationship, and wealth. It repairs fundamental issues that are preventing effective prayers and they result in sabotaging behavior.

You will find a broad range of exercises that will strengthen your awareness about your thoughts, intentions, attitudes, and more importantly your subconscious feelings. Truly speaking, 7 Day Prayer Miracle is a lot better than any program we have ever seen before.

Verified Techniques:

The biggest problem with “law of attraction” and “positive thinking” is that they don’t take your mind to the desired state that is required to manifest dreams.

However, 7 Day Prayer Miracle wants you to practice and develop the skill of proper feeling for delivering prayers that matches your conscious thoughts. You will get complete step-by-step information on how to make it happen  which I think is missing from other programs.

7 Day Prayer Miracle can raise your awareness and help you understand your feeling so that you will know what you’re aiming your prayer for.

Good Preparation:

You have to understand no amount of thinking will accomplish anything worthwhile. Although thinking is a useful tool, but you can’t fix your problems by just thinking when you have bad habits and a wrong attitude.

These bad habits and attitude hides your vision and stop your prayers from reaching heaven.

This is like 100 people shouting loudly and you trying to talk with someone on the phone.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle not only clears out bad habits but also removes daily garbage that stuck in your mind that we all gather from time-to-time.

How 7 Day Prayer Miracle Helps Everyone?

This program created to highlight the power and effectiveness of prayer that is scientifically proven to put anyone into the THETA STATE quickly than everything else in the world. Even faster than mediation and breathing techniques.

With the help of the prayer, you can get into Theta state and attract positive things in your life.

Here are some advantages of getting into the theta state:

  • Healing Of The Body – If you are trying to recover from any illness or injury then theta can put your body and mind into the deep level of relaxation in which they can easily restore and rejuvenate.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety – As theta puts the body into the physical and mental relaxation phase, this regulates cortisol level in the body which reduces the heightened level of stress and anxiety.
  • Problem Solving – Getting into the theta state will bypass mental blocks and opens up a new level of thinking so that you can handle your problems more efficiently.
  • Boost Immune System – The heightened cortisol levels can negatively impact the immune system. As theta puts you into relaxation mode, the body starts generating happy hormone and neurotransmitters which bring the immune system back to its optimum condition.
  • Connects You To Your Subconscious Mind – Theta helps you to connect with your subconscious mind. This part of the mind generates many automate functions as well as emotions, imaginations, feelings, thoughts, habits. In this part of the mind, you can address negative thoughts that are rising from your subconscious part to the conscious part of the MIND.
  • Creativity – Theta activates the hemisphere of the brain; that is the creative side. Many people reported free-float feelings like they have renewed new creative drive to write music, do art, or execute an idea that popped up in their mind.

7 Day Prayer Miracle teaches you how to pray like Daniel, who struggled in the worst situation as it is highlighted in ‘FROM PRISONER TO PALACE: THE AMAZING LIFE OF PROPHET DANIEL.” You also get step-by-step instructions on how to get a lot of powerful wisdom into your practical life so that your angels will save you from troubles.

Why Should You Purchase 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

This program can bring a positive impact on your life as it does for many other people.

Before creating this review, I purchased this course for $147, but this course was made for spiritual motive, the author decided to reduce the price of this course to $47 to help more people join it and take benefit from it.

I have reviewed many programs like these, but this is the most beautiful program because it combines the law of attraction, manifestation, and prayers.

The author, Amanda has combined positive attributes of the law of attraction, manifestation, and prayers to help you get an abundant future.

It contains step-by-step guidelines on how to connect manifestation and prayers. It gives little exercises in an eBook that can be performed easily. You can perform these short exercises without anyone noticing it.

Prayers lay a strong foundation in creating an understanding of the spiritual world, and when it combines with the law of attraction, then you can manifest the life of your dreams.

Prayers can replace old negative thoughts with positive and abundance. This 7 Day Prayer Miracle covers critical areas that bring positivity in life. These areas include relationship, career, and health.

This program created on the concept of how Prophet Daniel prayed to change the lives of thousands of people. So, if you also want to change your life or the lives of people around you, then you should pray like Prophet Daniel did to improve the lives of his people.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Discount

Are There Any REAL Customer Reviews?

I search around the internet for real customer reviews and found a couple of reviews from real customers that I want to share in this 7 Day Prayer Miracle review.

Here they are:

“I bought this program two months ago because my financial situation was not good. I decided to purchase it. I tried this program for 25 days, but didn’t get good results. I don’t give up, I continue to work hard and keep using it. Then slowly, new opportunities start appearing in my life and now finally, I am in a strong financial position.”

Fenton Alvar photo

– Fenton Alvar

“One of my readers told me the minute he starts praying like shown in the 7 days prayer miracle program, he feels difference inside himself and in his mind. He told he feels his mind was not in tune of what to do, where to go, who to ask to keep his business moving. He told me in just a week he can tell what is manifesting as he got some huge contracts.”

Michael Bennett photo


– Michael Bennett

“Before I started this program, I quit my job, and I moved out. I started doing online business. Before this, I promoted different affiliate products, created products on Amazon… all this kind of stuff. I was actually doing some stuff before I started this program. Within a week of using this program, I started making a hundred dollars per day income.”

Amanda Hardy photo

– Amanda Hardy


Should You Try It?

Manifest Your Desires In 7 DaysWe often hear a lot of stories of incredible miracles that are performed by those that have faith. Miracles are something that can’t able explained by traditional understandings.

It is often said that our mind has all the power to attract wealth, health, relationship, happiness, and almost everything. But many devout followers haven’t able to enjoy all these miracles of prayers themselves. No, it doesn’t mean they are not serious about their faith, but the real problem is they aren’t expose to secrets and methods that are required to unlock the ocean of abundance, happiness, and love.

Thankfully, with the help of Amanda’s 7 Day Prayer Miracle plan, you can learn about the correct methods and prayers that are kept secret to the masses for many decades – the method that Prophet Daniel used to pray for the people of his city.

I want to say, you’ve all the power to bring in all the riches, all the health, all the love, all of the divine wisdom that everyone deserves. 7 Day Prayer Miracle by Amanda can strengthen your faith, and improve your life with the ones that are closest to you.

Get 7 Day Prayer Miracle

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